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USA Cheer Compliant FCD Mix with Cover Songs


60% Music 40% Voice Overs

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Legal Cheer Music Unleash The Beats Power Music Trax

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60% Music 40% Voice Overs

We now offer USA Cheer Compliant Custom Cheer Mixes that use original music, cover songs, and original voice overs. All music, voice overs, and sound effects are 100% licensed and ready to use at your next USA Cheer event! We only work with USA Cheer approved music vendors.

The process is simple, select your check out options on this page. To view a list of accepted original and cover songs, please click the link below and search the Legal Cheer Music, UnleashTheBeats, and Power Music Licensing libraries. Let us know your favorite song choices. The price of the song licensing is included in the purchase price of your FCD Cheer Mix.

Call 1-855-243-3337 or 1-855-CHEEEER if you have any questions. Good Luck this season!


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