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Premade Cheer Mixes August Hits 1 2018 :45


The New Home Of The Best Sounding Cheer Mixes In The World.
Premade Cheer Mixes
August Hits 1 2018 :45
Premade Cheer Mixes August Hits 1 2018 :45

Cover songs courtesy of PowerMusicTrax.com
Songs included in example mix originally performed and made famous by:

One Day – Logic feat. Ryan Tedder
Level Up – Ciara
New Rules – Dua Lipa

Add Gym/School and Team Name For Licensing *

Add Voice Over #1 Beginning (Included In Price)

Add Voice Over #2 Ending (Included In Price)

Change/Add/Remove A Song

Select any number of cover songs from USA Cheer Approved vendors.

Add Rush Service For Custom Work (Weekdays Mon-Fri)

Add Voice Overs

Select Voice Style

Slow Down, Speed Up, Cut TIme

Add 2-8count (2 Bar) Cheer Section – Or Longer If Needed

Split Mix Into 2 Parts (Split, Add Boom, New Intro For Pt. 2)

Add Sound Effects using 8count sheets

Upload 8counts Here

(max file size 100 MB)


Included with purchase:
*2 Custom Voice Overs!
*USA Cheer Approved Licensing
*Final Mix As Heard or Customized
(Emailed with Licensing)
*8count Run Through Mix with Sound Effects
(Instant Download)
Select custom options below like adding custom voice overs and sound effects, or even choosing new cover songs.

Instant 8count run through mix download available right NOW and USA Cheer Approved final mixes are delivered in 24 hours or less (2 hours during weekdays). Write to cheerleadingmusic@yahoo.com for best service response as we're almost always in the studio mixing!

Instant download of 8count run through mix with sound effects and USA Cheer approved final mixes are delivered within 2-24 hours (2 hours during weekdays) if the same songs are used.  If more custom work is required the turn around is 5 business days or less from time of purchase and receiving all customer information required for the mix.


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