Dance Party Instrumental Premade Cheer Music 30 Seconds 8 8counts

$20.00 $1.29

Any song from the following “USA Cheer Approved” music providers can be substituted in any of the Premade Cheer Music Mixes found on
This “Quick Custom Cheer Music Mix” is sold with Master Rights to cover songs and all original music/voice overs for this mix. The mix may be purchased “AS IS” with no upgrades, however we suggest a voice over or two to make your mix stand out as an original:) Up to 40 team shares are legally permitted. The cost of any cover songs or original music is included in the amazing low cost add-on price. That's a great deal for such a quick and high quality mix! Search the original and cover music libraries here:
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Add Voice Overs

Select Voice Style

Slow Down, Speed Up, Cut TIme

Change/Add/Remove A Song

Add 2-8count (2 Bar) Cheer Section – Or Longer If Needed

Combine Mixes

Premium Voice Over – Rap (We Write It)

Premium Sing Song Melody

Add Sound Effects

Add Transition

Split Mix Into 2 Parts (Split, Add Boom, New Intro For Pt. 2)

Add Rush Service (Weekdays Mon-Fri)

Add 8 Count Voice To Mix

Add Gym/School and Team Name For Licensing *


USA Cheer Approved Dance Party Instrumental Premade Cheer Music 30 Seconds 8 8counts!


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