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Custom Voice Overs

$25.00 $15.00

Add Voice to Mix or “Dry” Voice Overs

Choose Style

Slow Down,Speed Up, or Cut Time

Change A Song

Add 2 Bar Cheer Section

Music Only

Connect Mixes Together (Send audio to info@cheervo.com)s

Premium Voice Over-Rap (We write it!)

Premium Voice Over-Sing Song Melody

Add Sound Effects

Add Transition

Rush Order

Instructions and Comments



Custom Voice Overs for any length cheer music mix:)

Choose to upload your mix and have us add cheer voice overs on top,

or request to have voice overs only and add yourself!

Additional information

Custom Voice Overs

No Selection, Up to 1 full word/phrase/8count($15), Up to 2 full word/phrase/8count($30), Up to 3 full word/phrase/8count($45), Up to 4 full word/phrase/8count($60), Up to 5 full word/phrase/8count($75), Up to 6 full word/phrase/8count($90), Up to 7 full word/phrase/8count($105), Up to 8 full word/phrase/8count($120)


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