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Cheer Music comes in many shapes and sizes.  There is no single beat or melody that can sum up what cheer music is. Different, original, dominating, encouraging, inspiring....What the cheer music means, and how it influences the atheletes, spectators, and yes...Cheerleading Competition Judges! This is the place to read up on the many cheer music choices, options, and perspectives that we can find out in the Cheer Music Industry. (Click here for full Cheer Music Blog)

Cheer Music Suggestions and Discussions

It is important to say that we need your input:) Your suggestions can help us to better serve your interests.  If you can't find something you're looking for, then let us know and we will do our best to "Make it happen" for you. Looking for information...give us a ring at 1-855-243-3337 cheer music and we will talk to you until you fully understand the Cheer Music answers that you are looking for.  Every routine is different and there are no bad questions or rules to making a cheer music mix. There are several options involved with ordering your cheer music mix...especially if it's your first time ordering.  We understand that cheer mixes are a significant investment for any team. Your team demands a great sounding mix that compliments your choreography.  It takes imagination, focus, and vision from our audio producers to make all of the routine "puzzle pieces" fit together seamlessly, so as to compliment a seamless athletic performance.  It is very gratifying for a cheer music producer to finalize a mastered mix, knowing that every amount of energy and focus that was put into engineering the mix will only be eclipsed by the hard work of the cheerleaders.  The athleticism that it takes to compete in any level of competitive cheer is admirable and to be respected:) (Click here for full Blog)

Cheer Music and Choreography

Music and choreography go hand in hand for any genre of Cheer and Dance, be it Hip Hop, Cheer Dance, Poms, All Star, Elite, College, or Pro Dance.  All levels cheerleading use choreography...from Pee Wee/Midgets/Pop Warner, Youth, Junior, Senior, Coed, Singles, and Stunt Squads.  8 count sheets provide a great means of communication between the Choreographer/Coach and the producer mixing the cheer music.  Every sound effect is matched perfectly with the sections and skills performed according to the 8 count sheet...or customers can "Let the producers do their magic" essentially taking the burden off of the coach, or Cheer Mom:)  Whichever method works best for you is the one that works for us! Our producers are experts at quickly establishing what the delivery and intent of the routine is, and then forming a sound that will work in concert with the intensity and fierceness that every great routine has. (Click here for full Blog) Cheer Music Information The full amount of cheerleading information is virtually limitless.  There are new stories coming from every corner of the cheer world every day and the "Sport" seems to be growing by leaps and bounds!  Information on Cheerleading Cheers, Uniforms, Camps, Competitive Performances, National and Worlds competition updates.  Grammar, High School, All Star, College  News and important happenings will be recorded and posted to the blog.  Conversations will naturally gravitate towards the music end of the cheer spectrum, however all newsworthy items and happenings will be visited.  What's your favorite cheer music topic?  Go ahead and contact us with your ideas.  We will probably share them with the rest of our fans on and possibly on our facebook page.  We are looking for an open dialogue with our customers and will promote the "Customer is always right" policy. (Click here for full Blog)

Cheer Music Swag...Speaking of Cheer Music Fans!

We have started a merchandise page for our wonderful fans.  Now you can get your favorite Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. family logo on just about anything you can think of. T-shirts, hats, bags, key chains, mugs and glasses, even logo skins for you personal computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and many other electronic devices.