Mastering Cheer Music Mixes


“Mastering” is the final step in creating a great Cheer Music Mix!  This is where you get the most out of a mix by using compression, Limiting, EQ, and a few other secret ingredients that help to put a mix
“It takes real world experience to know how to get that Big Radio Sound that everyone is trying to achieve, and that’s exactly what we have to offer!  We will use the same patented methods for mastering that we use for all of our products, everything from Premade all the way to our tier.  This means that your mix can sound just like ours….Loud, Clear, and Professional:)”
(Owner/Operator Nate Cryns)
Do you love how our mixes sound? Let our producers master your next “Do It Yourself” cheer mix and give you that “Professional/Polished/Radio” sound that you’ve been searching for.
You’ll be glad you did!

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