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Hey friends and welcome to Cheerleading Dance Music!!! We're excited that you've made it here today, and to celebrate we're giving away a FREE premade cheer mix. YES, that's right a free premade cheer music mix just for YOU!!! Make sure to share the LOVE with your friends below.

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With that said...Did you know that premade cheer mixes are the fastest and easiest way to get your hands on a high quality cheerleading mix. Premade cheer mixes have traditionally been thought of as a lower standard of cheerleading dance music.

However, recently there has been an emergence of high quality premade cheer mixes available online. Which means that you are able to choose the cheer mixes you want... As well as being able to listen to your cheer mix before you buy it. Kinda of like an itunes for premade cheerleading music.

Another HOT type of cheerleading mix... is called a Full Custom Diamond Cheer Mix... Which allows you to be the DJ, by being able to pick your favorite songs, and incorporate them into your own custom cheer mix. You can also add all of your teams Voice Overs and Sound Effects into your cheer dance mix.

Love Cheerleading - FREE Premade Cheer Mixes

And while you're there if you haven't seen the cheer mix you've been looking for....You can easily make a request on our Facebook wall letting us know just what songs you'd like to hear mixed up together.. and we'll produce a NEW version from your REQUEST asap!!! Have an excellent day and congratulations on getting your FREE Premade Cheer Music Mix!!!

Enjoy your FREE Premade Cheer Music Mix!!!