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Cheer leading music mixes online,

Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. officially launched in March of 2012.  Operator/Owner Nathaniel Cryns decided to start a new type of cheer music company, after learning the ropes for 2 seasons producing over 500 custom cheer music mixes for one of the top companies.  The concept was simple...a great variety and quality of cheer music at a more affordable price.  Enabling the consumer is paramount for this cheer music company.  We are inclusive, rather than exclusive, and believe in providing a quality cheer music mixing service for teams and programs of all sizes and affordability levels.

But wait...there's more.  Many more ideas are on the way for all levels of our customer base.  Cheerleading Sound Effects, Cheer Loops,  and Cheerleading Voice Overs will all become available in the first quarter of the new year for Cheer Music 2013. These new options will afford our customer base yet another venue for creating their own Cheer Music at home. Once again we are being inclusive, not exclusive.  Having said that, Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. will still offer Full Custom Diamond Cheer Mixes for top level competitive cheer squads in an all-inclusive package.

Both premade and original custom made for cheerleading. Live and recording music mix experts compile the very best music tracks for cheer leaders and cheer leading.


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