is a Preferred Cheer & Dance Team Music Provider by USA Cheer.

Custom Elite Cheer Music

Elite Cheer Music Mixes by djENCI - Every mix is worked on 100% by djENCI. "All 100% Original" with unlimited edits all season long!

Full Custom Diamond Cheer Mixes

Full Custom Diamond Cheer Mixes have become the standard for mid to high level competitive teams that still like a lot of music and flow to their routine. Our most popular custom cheer mix tier!!!

Custom Premade Cheer Mixes

Custom Premade Cheer Mixes are great for lower to mid level teams. Basic voice overs during transitions and lots of cover songs make this tier the perfect match for lower level competitive teams!

Custom Poms/Prep/Rec

Poms Cheer Dance Mixes are basic music over beats with some sound effects. A couple voice overs are included if requested. The lowest priced custom mixes around!

Custom Hip Hop Cheer Dance Mixes

Get your dance on with our Custom Hip Hop Mixes! Reasonably priced and only a 2 week turn around!

Custom Jazz Dance Mixes

The best deal on Jazz Dance Mixes around, only $50 per song to edit for time. Multiple song Jazz Dance Mixes are only available with cover songs.

Premade Cheer Music USA Cheer Approved

Premade Cheer Music - USA Cheer Approved


Only 15 bucks per 8count and 48 hour return on voice overs.

Cheerleading Sound Effects

Cheerleading Sound Effects for your custom cheer mix


CheerLoops are beats with builds, and sometimes voice overs are included as well. These are 100 percent original and able to use in any USA Cheer comp! 144 bpm

Legal Cheer Music with Licensing for your mix

Legal Cheer Music with Licensing for your mix


Nate Cryns (djENCI) started Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. in 2012 after freelancing cheer mixes for 2 years. Nate climbed the corporate ladder in Satellite Radio Broadcasting, prior to entering the cheer music business. The story goes..."One day I was sitting in my office, in Los Angeles, complete with a black leather couch and big lcd screen, and the NCA College Championships were being broadcast on ESPN. I immediately heard the music and thought...How do I get into that line of work where you get paid to remix? Later that year I moved to the Orlando area and began working as a freelance producer. The rest is history!" Nate went on to start the pursuit of the "Legalization" of cheerleading music. The "Cheer Spirit Network" is Nate's latest 100% Original and Legal cheer music project and the very first 24/7 LIVE Broadcasting cheerleading network in the HISTORY OF THE WORLDS :) LOL!

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