College Cheerleading Music

If you are looking to start a cheerleading team at your school or you want to update your college cheerleading music you will find that there are many options for music and songs that are readily available all over the internet for you to use. However, what many might not know is that a lot of the music is sold illegally.   No matter what you are looking for, you are better off buying the legal cheerleading music here at, you can rest assured that the music you are buying is legal,and all sound effects and voice overs have the proper licensing and are in good quality.   This is the best practice to use because it is setting the right example for college students and teaching them how to respect the law and learn about proper access to the information that is widely available on the net, college cheerleading music included.   It is important that you learn and educate college students about the illegal activities going on online, as it might be difficult for younger people who are used to the abundance of free information available online to understand the difference between legal and illegal musical content.   With us, you can be assured that you are receiving the quality college cheerleading music you want at a great value. We give you the option to choose from our various packages that give you access to a different number of cheerleading music, premade and customized mixes. You will have the option to choose what suits your program the best and if you are unsure, our trained customer service representatives will be glad to assist you. You can reach us by phone or by email and we do our best to respond promptly and to the best of our abilities.

High School Cheerleading Music

Are you setting up the cheerleading team in your high school? Are you concerned about teaching your students about some of the rules and restrictions around access to cheerleading music especially now that everything is available in digital files? You have access to high school music from different sources, however did you know that most of these are sold online illegally?

Here at cheerleading dance music, you will find a wide selection of items to choose from with access to sound effects and customized playlists, all using legal cheerleading music. You have the option to choose from the various levels of pricing that our website provides, some of which give you unlimited access to songs and others a customized list that you have the option to choose from various songs.

By using Cheerleading Dance Music to purchase your high school cheerleading music, you are giving your high school students a good example on how and where music should be purchases from and how to best protect music, songs and their copyrights. With today’s wide access to many illegal files on the web, many people, especially younger students do not even know that free download and use of music from the net could be illegal.

What are you waiting for? With our online system and toll free number, you can access our customer support easily at your convenience. Our trained staff will do all they can to help you with your inquiries and help you buy you high school cheerleading music.

Cheerleading Dance Music Contest Winners Xtreme Tumble and Cheer!!!

Cheerleading Dance Music Contest Winners Xtreme Tumble and Cheer!!! are proud to present the winner of our 2013-2014 Cheer Music and Cheer Bows Giveaway: Xtreme Tumble and Cheer (Nottingham, PA)

Contest Winner Xtreme Tumble and Cheer

Contest Winner Xtreme Tumble and Cheer

Cheer leading music mixes online

Cheer leading music mixes online,

Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. officially launched in March of 2012.  Operator/Owner Nathaniel Cryns decided to start a new type of cheer music company, after learning the ropes for 2 seasons producing over 500 custom cheer music mixes for one of the top companies.  The concept was simple...a great variety and quality of cheer music at a more affordable price.  Enabling the consumer is paramount for this cheer music company.  We are inclusive, rather than exclusive, and believe in providing a quality cheer music mixing service for teams and programs of all sizes and affordability levels.

But wait...there's more.  Many more ideas are on the way for all levels of our customer base.  Cheerleading Sound Effects, Cheer Loops,  and Cheerleading Voice Overs will all become available in the first quarter of the new year for Cheer Music 2013. These new options will afford our customer base yet another venue for creating their own Cheer Music at home. Once again we are being inclusive, not exclusive.  Having said that, Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. will still offer Full Custom Diamond Cheer Mixes for top level competitive cheer squads in an all-inclusive package.

Both premade and original custom made for cheerleading. Live and recording music mix experts compile the very best music tracks for cheer leaders and cheer leading.

2013 NCA Senior and Junior High School National Championship

2013 NCA Senior and Junior High School National Championship will be taking place in Dallas, Texas!!! January 12-13 2013

Dallas here we come!  High School cheerleaders will be converging at the Dallas Convention Center for competitive event of the year for these young high shool and Jr. high school atheletes.  We sincerely wish all of the competitors the best of luck at the 2013 NCA Senior and Junior High School National Championship.  This is to be the 33rd (Thirty-Third) Jr and Sr High School Cheerleading National Championship.

NCA Champions Jacket

NCA Champions Jacket

2013 NCA Senior and Junior High School National Championship

The athletes that are set to perform, are the best in their division and levels from all around the country.


Who will win this year at the 2013 NCA Senior and Junior High School National Championship?

Happy Mothers Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day From Cheerleading Dance Music

Life Is Short Cheer Hard

Cheerleading Spirit - Do You Have Spirit?

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If It’s In Your Heart, It Shows In Your Spirit!

If It's In Your Heart, It Shows In Your Spirit!


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2012 Worlds Competition!!! Who Will WIN?

2012 Worlds Cheerleading Competition |<---P.S. Share the LOVE of Cheerleading with your FRIENDS...

Worlds Cheer Competition 2012

Orlando to Hold Worlds Cheer Competition 2012

Indian Harbour Beach, Florida – April 21, 2012 – The International All Star Federation (IASF) and the United States All Star Federation (USASF) will hold their annual Cheerleading Worlds Competition this April 27-30 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

For each team they sent, sponsoring event producers paid between $7,000 and $25,000, making the Worlds an exclusive event filled with only the most qualified participants.

The schedule of events includes opening ceremonies, a VIP gala for coaches, gym owners and participants, and a culminating, private Disney block party.

The Worlds Cheer Competition is...

one of the most watched sporting events in America. Teams work year-long to solidify routines that will leave lasting impressions on the judges and carry them to the finals.

There are several new events this year, including an extra day (April 27) for prelims and U.S. Worlds Trials. In order to better organize the event, new divisions and preliminary rounds were added to the schedule of event.

The Worlds Cheerleading Competition is...

nationally televised on ESPN and ESPN2, reaching nearly 100 million homes. Due to the nature of the show, not all winners will be broadcast. However, finalists, results and behind-the-scene footage can be found online all weekend at the IASF website.

(800) 829-6237

Orlando to Hold Worlds Cheerleading Competition 2012


How To Make Cheerleading Music

How To Make Cheerleading Music

Do you think that creating your own custom cheerleading mix, is well to put it simply... Impossible. For someone that hasn’t been professionally trained in a recording studio it can be a very daunting process.

The truth is that most cheerleading music producers don’t have professional audio training and choose to do their producing from a laptop… just like the one you have right in front of you.

How To Make Cheerleading Music | DIY "Do It Yourself"When it comes to... how to make cheerleading music. The one secret or “trick of the trade,” is coming up with the recognizable sound effects used in almost every cheerleading dance mix routine. 

There are several videos on YouTube, that provide free cheer sound effects like dings, booms, and whoohooo’s! While these sound effects may be free, they're not of the highest quality.

You can also purchase high quality cheerleading sound effect libraries. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of sound effect libraries available online.  If you purchase your sound effects the quality will be much higher. As well as access to a larger selection of your favorite sound effects.

You’ll also want to look for rises/builds, dings/bells, beats, synth, booms, and voice overs to complete your cheer library.  It is also a great idea to find original clips that no one else has used.  These fresh ideas are exactly what makes a great cheerleading dance routine stand out from all the others.

How To Make Cheerleading Music Mixes

How To Make Cheerleading MusicOnce you have some sound effects you're ready to explore the options of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).  There are many software choices available… The most popular choice for making cheer dance music used by industry professionals is Sony Acid Pro 6, but many producers are now using Sony Acid Pro 7.

This DAW has pretty much ruled the industry for a decade now. With simple ease of use and unmatched efficiency making Sony Acid a mainstay DAW software.

Sony’s Acid Pro 7 allows the user to easily match the beat of a song to the same tempo as the session that you’ll be working on. There is a pretty hefty price tag around $269.  There are many other DAW available at higher and lower prices.

How To Make Cheerleading Music For FREE

Another good as well as FREE digital audio workstation for beginners is Audacity.  This free cheerleading music software will allow you to create a basic mix of sound effects, beats, and music…and it’s just a click away!

To Your Success,

Cheerleading Dance Music

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Welcome To Cheerleading Dance Music

Welcome To Cheerleading Dance Music

Hey my friend... welcome to our site. Here at Cheerleading Dance Music we specialize in providing the absolute BEST Cheerleading dance mixes available online.

Imagine how great YOUR cheer team will look at your next Nationals competition... When YOU show up with the BEST Cheer Dance Team... As well as with the Hottest and Freshest cheer remixes available!!! It's a surefire way to grab your next Nationals Title!!!

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